December 22, 2023

How to order Custom PCB Online?

Custom PCBs have been gaining popularity in the industry for many years. These PCBs are not only versatile but also contain your desired attributes to give an edge to their functioning. 

A prototype circuit also depends on custom PCBs because these are good for space optimization and enhance the efficiency of the setup as well. We can develop different types of custom PCBs that fit well different electronics and applications. However, you need to rely on the best custom PCBs. 

There have been cases where due to lack of knowledge, buyers were unable to identify quality custom PCBs. If you want to save yourself from this hustle, stick to this post that shares different tips in this regard.  There is much more to it to consider. In this post, you will learn about ordering a custom PCB online with our help!

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Different Methods to Order Custom Printed Circuit Boards Online

You will find tons of online suppliers of custom PCBs. It is interesting to know that some of them also fit your budget, and you can acquire efficient custom PCBs from them as well. The purpose of buying custom PCBs is that they contain the properties and functions that you want. 

Also, these are easy to develop, so producers don't have to struggle with it at all. Also, these don't gather much space and fit easily in any type of system. Other than this, custom PCBs are comparatively affordable and also assist us with fast and accurate prototyping when needed.

The best part is that you will find a huge spectrum of designs, shapes, and sizes in these PCBs online. 

Their features are also different and these serve a different purpose. We can also use multiple custom PCBs for one electronic device. These custom PCBs are not intricate, and it takes less time to develop them, even for bulk orders. 

Browse Data On Different Electronic Websites

The first thing you can do is to scour through different websites online. These producers will be listing custom PCBs different in features, functions, and layouts.

It means you can easily find your best partner for procuring custom PCBs with a little research on these websites. 

There are also affiliate links scattered on the internet that take you to these websites and listed products. Also, you can reach them out through ad campaigns. Browsing data on such websites is crucial because it will give you a general idea about all the information you need for buying custom PCBs.

Due to this reason, browsing the websites should be your first priority in this case. 

  • Pros

When we rely on the websites of authentic PCB providers, we can expect nothing less of quality. Also, we can search out these suppliers in time and have easy access to their custom PCBs in case we are in a hurry. Concise and detailed information about custom PCBs is present on these websites, which greatly helps with buying. 

  • Cons

Sometimes the customers find it hard to reach out to these PCB providers because of their prolonged ad campaigns. Due to this reason, the ad crosstalk can easily interrupt the audience reaching out to the web platforms which can reduce the conversions. 


Order PCB Online at Online Shopping Sites

It is also possible to order custom PCBs from e-commerce platforms and online shopping stores like Amazon. The reason is that sites like Amazon will provide you with the best possible options in this case. 

Features like Amazon's best seller feature provide a good idea regarding a particular product. In this way, you can further scroll down the details and find out the best possible custom PCBs for yourself.

Another great thing about online shopping for these PCBs is that you don't have to wait for anything, and the whole buying process is also quite streamlined. 

Bulk ordering is also possible, and you can choose from different options when needed. These e-commerce platforms have a quick delivery system that allows safe and quick delivery of the orders right on your doorstep without any hustle. 

  • Pros

Amazon has listed different types of PCBs for everyone, and complete details of these PCBs are present on the platform, along with their ratings.

The buyers can also compare Amazon’s best seller products with the others, which helps with decision making. 

You can also check the customer reviews for these PCBs to see the experience of others with a particular custom PCB. 

  • Cons

It is possible to tamper with the customer reviews on these online shopping sites which can make a  person might end up buying the substandard PCBs. 

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Instant Circuit Board Quote from Forums 

You can also get your hands on quality custom PCBs by getting a quote from forum release news. What happens here is that you will be able to reach them out and scour through their PCB quote option.

The commercial producers of PCBs can benefit a lot from this method, and quick procurement of PCBs takes place in case of urgency and any sort of shortage.

These forums are a bridge that keeps you in touch with the company. Also, since these forums house a community, you can seek help from other people to purchase these custom PCBs for yourself. 

  • Advantages

The best part is that the buyers can get real-time information and help from these forums and also reach out to the company directly to have their problems solved in time without any interruptions. 

  • Disadvantages

The downside of these forums is that the customer service appointed by the company can find it hard to deal with hundreds of people and with their queries and reach them out in time to help them out. 

Order PCB Online from a Professional PCB Manufacturer or Designer 

The last option you can try in this regard is that you can seek help from a PCB designer and directly hire them to develop your PCBs. There are tons of online PCB designers available that you can seek help from.

You will not have to worry about the PCB layouts because the designers are adept in it and provide the best PCB designing solutions for you. 

Therefore, such PCBs are versatile and durable and also prove to be efficient in their performance. A little research on these online PCB designers will guide you in the long run and will reduce your hustle to a great extent. 

  • Pros
  1. 1. Designers have vast experience in designing versatile PCBs and therefore, their skills add to the efficiency and performance of these PCBs for the buyers. 
  2. 2. Open communication without any hurdles takes place when you are hiring a PCB designer to buy PCBs from them. 
  • Cons
  1. 1. There are different types of PCB designers available online, which means if a designer specializes in simple PCBs, then you will not be able to procure complex PCBs from them. 
  2. 2. PCB designers are slow with the designing process therefore, it can keep you waiting to get the final product. 

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Tips To Order PCB Online At Cheap Prices

  • Smart Techniques To Lessen the Cost

You need to devise ways that help you with buying affordable PCBs. The best thing will be to rely on a professional PCB-maker that can work on multiple aspects of PCBs and you don't have to pay for additional component procurement at all.

Many PCB producers don't do this, which leads to higher expenses for the buyers, which disturbs their budget. 

  • One-Sided Electronic Components

You should always stick to the PCBs that contain components only on one side. The reason is that such PCBs are affordable, and you can procure them in bulk when you want.

Also, such PCBs are readily available, and you don't have to struggle much with their access at all. Doing this will not only promise quality, and easy access but also affordability that most PCB buyers look for. 

  • Label Electronic Components 

It is important to stick with the properly labeled designators so that there will be fewer chances of additional expenses during this process. Such PCBs that contain labeled components are not only affordable but also readily available in the market, which makes the buying process easier for you.

It is hard to ignore that labeled components are important for reducing the cost of PCBs and contributing to affordable bulk procurements as well. 

For more on identifying components, refer to How to Identify Components on Printed Circuit Boards.

Panelization means we are arranging the PCB parts on a single panel. Due to this reason, even using the SMT method, these PCBs are affordable. As compared to non-panelized PCBs, we can easily rely on these ones when it comes to affordable bulk procurement of custom PCBs for different reasons. 

You just have to dig a little deeper for this purpose to pick the best options when needed. Such PCBs are readily available out there, but all you need to do is to dig deeper and find reliable and authentic sources that specialize in penalizing PCBs. After that, you can close your deal by negotiating with the providers. 

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There is no doubt that custom PCBs are available in different options. Some of them are substandard, while others are industrial-grade.

You need good eyes to pick the best options for yourself. This post sheds light on ways to help you with easy and affordable custom PCB procurement whenever you want. 

However, there are additional tips present in this post to assist you when you need affordable PCBs on all counts.

It will be better to do your homework and conduct proper research on PCB providers to avoid complications in your working relationship.

Article written by Alice Lee