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What is a 65% Keyboard PCB?

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In the dynamic ecosystem of mechanical keyboards, the 65% layout emerges as a sweet spot for many, blending compactness with essential functionality.

At the core of this balance lies the 65% Keyboard Printed Circuit Board (PCB), a crucial component that dictates the keyboard's functionality, customization potential, and overall user experience.

What is a 65% Keyboard PCB?

A 65% Keyboard PCB is the electronic circuitry beneath the keys of a 65% layout keyboard. This layout typically eschews the number pad, most function keys, and some navigational keys to save space while retaining the arrow keys and a few essential navigation keys.

The PCB connects all key switches, LEDs, and other components to the keyboard's controller, facilitating communication with a computer and enabling features like backlighting and programmability.

Advantages of 65% Keyboard PCBs

  • Enhanced Desk Space and Portability

The compact size of the 65% layout, supported by its PCB, maximizes desk space, offering an uncluttered setup that is also easy to carry around, making it ideal for users with limited space or those who frequently travel.

  • Customization Flexibility

65% of PCBs are designed with customization, supporting various switch types, programmable keys, and sometimes even modular components. This flexibility allows users to tailor their keyboard to their specific typing preferences and aesthetic tastes.

  • Functional Balance

Despite its reduced size, a 65% keyboard retains essential keys, including arrow keys and a handful of navigational buttons, thanks to its intelligent PCB design.

This balance makes it an excellent choice for users who need more than the bare minimum but less than a full-size keyboard.

Choosing the Right 65% Keyboard PCB

When selecting a 65% Keyboard PCB, several factors should guide your decision:

  • Layout

Ensure the PCB supports your preferred layout, especially if you have specific critical placement or size requirements. The layout affects the overall typing experience and compatibility with keycap sets.

  • Switches

Consider whether the PCB is compatible with your preferred switch type (e.g., Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh). Some PCBs offer hot-swappable sockets, allowing you to change switches without soldering.

  • Build Quality

A high-quality PCB ensures durability and reliable performance. Look for PCBs made with robust materials and by reputable manufacturers to avoid issues like ghosting or key chattering.

  • Backlighting

If you want backlighting, check whether the PCB supports it and to what extent (e.g., single-color LEDs, RGB lighting). Some PCBs also offer customizable lighting patterns or effects.

  • Programmability

For users who demand a highly customized typing experience, the programmability of the PCB is crucial. Opt for PCBs that support popular firmware options like QMK or VIA for extensive customization options.

  • Connectivity

Based on your needs, decide between wired and wireless options. Wireless PCBs offer flexibility and a cleaner setup but may introduce latency, which is a consideration for gamers.

  • Price

65% of PCBs vary in price based on features and quality. Set a budget that reflects your priorities, whether basic functionality or high-end customizability.

65% Keyboard PCB Applicable Scenarios

  • Work and Productivity

The 65% layout is ideally suited for professionals who value desk space but require the efficiency of having arrow and function keys within easy reach for productivity tasks.

  • Gaming

Gamers appreciate the 65% layout's compactness for the additional mouse space it provides. At the same time, the PCB supports customizable keys for in-game actions, making it a versatile choice for casual and competitive gaming.

  • Typing Enthusiasts

The 65% PCB's customization potential caters to typing enthusiasts who enjoy tweaking their setup for the optimal typing feel and sound, whether through switch choices, key mapping, or programming macros.

  • On-the-Go Use

The portability of 65% keyboards, underpinned by their PCBs, makes them ideal for users who work from different locations or travel frequently, allowing for a consistent typing experience wherever they go.


The 65% Keyboard PCB is a linchpin in creating a compact and capable keyboard that blends aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality.

By considering the factors outlined above, you can choose a PCB that meets your current needs and accommodates future customization.

Whether coding, gaming or simply enjoying the art of typing, the right 65% Keyboard PCB can elevate your experience to new heights.

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