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What is an 80% Keyboard PCB?

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The 80% keyboard PCB is a cornerstone of the tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard design, which offers a compact form factor without compromising on the essential keys needed for most typing tasks.

This design choice is particularly appealing for those looking to optimize desk space, improve ergonomics, or enhance portability.

What is an 80% Keyboard PCB?

An 80% keyboard PCB is the electronic circuitry embedded within a tenkeyless keyboard that registers crucial presses and sends the corresponding signals to the computer.

Unlike a full-size keyboard, the 80% variant removes the numeric keypad, thus reducing the overall footprint of the keyboard.

The PCB is designed to accommodate approximately 80% of the keys found on a standard keyboard, which includes the alphanumeric section, function row, arrow keys, and a cluster of navigation keys.

Key Layout and Size Ratios

An 80% keyboard typically includes the following key sections:

  • Alphanumeric keys: All the letters and numbers are on a full-size keyboard.
  • Function row: The F1-F12 keys provide quick access to certain features and shortcuts.
  • Navigation cluster: Includes keys like Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down.
  • Arrow keys: The directional arrows are indispensable for navigation in documents and games.

By removing the numeric keypad, the 80% keyboard achieves a more compact form factor, typically reducing its width to about 14-15.5 inches (35.5-39.4 cm), depending on the frame and keycap design.

This reduction in size helps save desk space and makes the keyboard more portable while maintaining a layout familiar to most users.

Benefits of Using 80% Keyboard PCBs

  • Ergonomics and Space: The reduced size of the 80% keyboard PCB allows for a more ergonomic setup. Users can keep their mouse closer to the keyboard, thus minimizing shoulder strain. This frees up valuable desk space for other tools or documents.
  • Portability: Without the numeric keypad, tenkeyless keyboards are lighter and more compact, making them easier to transport for those who work from different locations or attend gaming tournaments.
  • Customization: Eighty percent of keyboard PCBs often come with advanced features such as hot-swappable sockets, programmable layers, and RGB lighting, allowing users to tailor their keyboards to their specific needs and preferences.

Choosing an 80% Keyboard PCB

Compatibility: Ensure the PCB is compatible with your switches (e.g., MX-style, Alps), case, and keycaps. Some PCBs offer hot-swap capabilities, allowing for easy switch changes without soldering.

Features: Prioritize features vital to you, such as:

  • Hot-Swappable Sockets: For easy switch replacement.
  • RGB Lighting: For customization and aesthetics.
  • Programmable Layers: To customize essential functions and macros.
  • Connectivity Options: USB-C for fast connections or Bluetooth for wireless setups.

Community and Software Support: Consider PCBs with solid community support and configurable software like QMK or VIA, which offer resources for troubleshooting, custom firmware, and layouts.

80% Keyboard PCB Applicable Scenarios

The versatility of the 80% keyboard PCB makes it suitable for a wide range of scenarios:

  • Professional Use: Its compact size and ergonomics make it ideal for office environments with premium desk space.
  • Gaming: The tenkeyless design is favored by gamers for its balance between functionality and space-saving, allowing for a more comfortable gaming setup.
  • Programming and Writing: The programmability of many 80% PCBs supports complex macros and shortcuts, enhancing productivity for coding and writing tasks.
  • Mobile Workstations: For those frequently changing workspaces, the portability of an 80% keyboard can significantly improve the mobile office experience.


The 80% keyboard PCB offers a compelling blend of compactness, customization, and functionality, making it a favored choice among keyboard enthusiasts and professionals.

Whether for gaming, typing, or programming, its design principles cater to a broad audience seeking efficiency without sacrificing performance.

By understanding the intricacies of the 80% keyboard PCB, users can tailor their keyboard experience to match their individual needs, creating a more ergonomic, portable, and personalized computing environment.

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